Ethernet/GSM/GPS/RPI Module

I decided to replace ESP-12 with a Raspberry PI Zero W fitted on the back facing front. The PLC card is of the same height as the PI Zero Length, so this is perfect. Mountimng it on top was difficult due to the Ethernet connector sticking out +  I had no space fr routing. I had to use a SMD version of a 2.54 pin header, but that’s fine. One of the things that made my decition is lack of encryption on ESP-12, something a Zero W does easily and you get a full Linux server as a add-on for 10.- USD.

The SPI Flash is still shown as an option, but I have no 4th SPI port so this is in reality ditched. I do however have an annoying right top corner with nothing – perfect for a RTC battery. I am in the process of routing this PCB and we are still at 80 x 65 mm. It will still take me a few days before this module is done.

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