Lab PSU 0-30V /10A – Part 8

Will upload proper pictures later…

Received the PCB’s for the Lab PSU yesterday and soldered up the boards. The Regulator works fine – I was only able to test it with 5A at which point I burned the transistors due to overheating. That was with 30V in and 6V out so we dissipate ca 24*5 = 120W – or 60W on each TIP3055. Without heat-sink that was just to much, so I need to mount heat-sinks and fan’s before I continue + it’s a bit on the extreme to test test this design with 24V drop over the TIP’s.

I am not sure about the current limiter on this – I could not see it having much effect, but I was not able to test properly either. The principle is simple – you apply voltage measured over shunts to pin 2&3 and LM723 should limit VOut.

I initially also burned the wires in, but replaced them with thicker wires and things work fine. The PCB lanes seems to be fine, but I won’t know for sure before I am able to run 10A for longer periods.

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