Plain Roadmap

I Introduced the Plain concept 28th January, we are now 2 months into the making and I start seeing the end of the draft and need to consolidated a specification. I like where I am heading with Plain as it has grown from an experimental idea into something that I look forward to use myself. But, I have a big load of C & C++ coding before we get there.

Plain VM is started and is being written in C. I initially had plans to manage a minimum on STM32F030F4 with only 16Kb Flash – I am not sure that is realistic. I probably CAN get a minimalistic version to run on this device, but lets see – I have to weight in how much work it will be.

Plain Assembler will be written in C++ running as command line on Windows and Linux. The same with the command line utilities. The only dependency will be a library I made some time ago that is dedicated for embedded C++ stuff.

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