Communication Adapter

I have a lot of electronics that I had little time to work on. This communication adapter is one of them. Using a STM32F405RG it communicate between 6 different wired/wireless methods.

The picture on the top show the 3D model, the picture on bottom show the PCB. I had this stack of PCB’s next to me for a while, so I want to assemble the board and see if it work.

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet using Wiznet W5500
  • USB connection using CH340G
  • Wireless Ethernet using either ESP-01 or ESP-12E
  • NRF24L01 using either breakout or mini adapter.
  • CAN HS with Galvanic Isolation
  • RS485 with Galvanic Isolation
  • MCU STM32F405RG
  • 1Mb Flash
  • 196Kb SRAM
  • 168Mhz ARM M4
  • 8 Leds
  • Full BasicPI SWD Adapter
  • A lot of fun in the waiting.

I will be assembling this tomorrow so look for my next entry…

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