Plain – Distributed Processing Part 2

Our concept of distributed processing is going to need some attention to details in the Assembler/VM design, but it will work. We  now have two mechanisms involved:

  • We have an easy way to synchronize data between several modules
  • We can make on module execute logic on a different module.

The principles of how we do this through easyIPC is easy, but we need to dig into the detailson some some loose ends in our design. One such issue is module addressing in a larger network.

The block diagram above consist 7 devices in a system. We have two RPI’s one for controlling the actuator/sensor sub systems, and one for HMI. The HMI contains a Led Hat where I want to blink Leds from the Servo and stepper controllers.

 LedHat example

use System
Module LedHat
            Object LedGroup
                        Bit Led1
                        Bit Led2
                        Bit Led3
            interface C LedGroup leds[1..6];
            Interface Func SetLedStatus(uint32 group, Bit l1, Bit l2, Bit l3)
                        Transaction leds[group]
                                    leds[group].Led1 = l1
                                    leds[group].Led2 = l2
                                   leds[group].Led3 = l3

32xIO example

use System
use LedHat
Module 32xIO

These two code examples are the Plain code I expect to write.

to be continued in part 3…

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