MC4X15A Motor Controller


This Motor Controller is still a bit of work in progress, what is remaining is the communication parts and a review of protection logic. The actual challenge here is size. I am mounting components on both sides to get it small, but as it get smaller the PCB routing get far more advanced. I am a bit surprised on how much easier it was with the Communications adapter and 3xAxist Mini Stepper to just use a bit of extra space and use single side assembly.

  1. 4 x Half Bridge Drivers
  2. 5-36V Power Connector
  3. Current, BEMF Sensors, Gate Drivers. HEXFET’s on opposite side.
  4. STM32F405RG w/ full BasicPI SWD connector.
  5. Space for communication parts. RS485 added, Ethernet and CAN being considered.
  6. 3.3V Switched PSU
  7. Hall sensors.
  8. 2 x Temperature sensors.
  9. End Stop Connectors
  10. Resolver/Encoder.

I have reserved pins for Ethernet, CAN and RS485 simultaneously, but I am not sure wherever to add it all or not. In addition to that I want to add a SPI port for “disk”. I am considering several options. Adding a SPI Flash is straight forward, but I am toying with a few ideas around having an embedded SSD solution.

A sharp eye will observe that the stand-alone driver is embedded into the controller. I will make a separate PCB later.

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