Olimex STM32F407 w/Ethernet


This one is from Olimex and is based on STM32F407 LQFP144. It has Ethernet, TF Card and 4 x 20 headers + Arduino Uno compatible headers.

As for the Arduino headers pay notice to the capacitors on the bottom half that will be in the way of most Arduino Shields. Also I am a bit surprised as to why they did not add a battery for the RTC on this one. This is impossible to mount on a bread-board, but you can use separate 1×20 or 2×20 cables etc. I purchased it for the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet since I needed this to prepare a full Ethernet stack.

I will return to the Ethernet stack in a later article. I ported uIP in ca 2 hours work, but I am planning to enable the FNET stack if I find the time.

I am not sure what kit I will be using for testing external memory, but this has nothing mounted on the FSMC port. The other boards have 1-8Mb SRAM added which is “ok” since it is on a separate chip select. Also, I realize that I might want to use that SRAM. We will see lets first do a proof of concept.

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