HAL (Hardware Abstraction layer) is an interface between “normal” user modules and actual hardware. It makes hardware access easy and portable, it also gives us a layer where we can write optimized, hardware specific code if we need to. We will add more HAL classes as we go.

ETC (Elapsed Time Clock) count the time in ms and ys since the MPU was started. This is used for time differences by the RTOS itself and available all through code using the ETC::millis() or ETC::micros() functions.

GPIO is a class that provide access to a collection of pins. GPIO collections are declared in global space by the user and support logical pin grouping. This means that user modules can toggle pins with a given name even if their location is different from hardware to hardware. This allows the user to “wire” a board during initialization to preserve portability on modules that need pin Access.

More details on HAL classes can be found on Documentation->HAL in the menue as they are added.

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