BSA – Real-Time Plot – part 1

It’s ca 25 years ago that I designed my first real-time plot that was a very advanced multi-plot showing a high number of sensors. I have used several plots since then, but I want to create something that is very powerfully for BSA that fullfill two requirements – (1) fast and easy to use and (2) capable of the same complexity as advanced multi-plots.

To achieve this I will need to create a set of tools in BSA that used stand-alone is not so impressive, but used together they are very capable.

#1 – Standard RT Plot with everything on. This is to make it dead easy to display a few plot-lines and is only a composition of the other tools.

#2 – a plot line stand-alone with or without a background. If you add multiple of these on top of eachother with transparent background you get a very interesting plot.

#3 – a stand alone Legend that you can put and format independently.

#4 – a stand-alone X and Y axis so you can add multiple of both to form a multi-plot.

Stay tuned – I will demonstrate this in a few days because using BSA as base this is not difficult or time-consuming at all.

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