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The next task on BSA is to get my Property Editor functional. What you see above is an early demo draft to test a concept. I just wanted to get a feeling with how this could be done and test out the “Text Edit” part. The concept with a Property Editor is that you click on a component in a diagram and get properties for this displayed. Some of these properties are documents, source code and tables making them a bit complex to integrate without to many trade offs.

I considered using an existing Property Editor, but (1) WPF does not contain one, (2) this is a very important component for BSA and (3) it is actually straight forward to implement if your not afraid of huge work loads. It is a large job and you will get tired of me blogging about various editor details as this evolves, I will need a specialized editor for each datatype I use. Some are very straight forward, while others will need a good design and some fresh ideas.

It is three editors that are of special concern – Tables, Text documents and Source Code. These can all be implemented as a property line. Text document is illustrated above. This was far more capable than I first expected as I can widen the Property editor and get a larger doc. But, having all tables, docs an source code like this have it’s usage and limitations. I will need something more.

Having source code as part of the property editor is usefully as you want a quick look by selecting a block on a diagram that contain source code. You can see and even edit in the mini editor, but I thing we all agree that we can’t do more serious work here – we will need a proper source code editor. So the idea is to do both allowing Tables, text doc and Source code to expand into being a full View in BSA itself. This might also work for sub-diagrams. I obviously need to experiment a little around this and see how this works out. But, this is a functional area that will decide the success of BSA – it is that important. If I don’t get this to become something that is very convenient to use the entire tool will become a big, clumbsy failure. The reason is obvious – time usage.

This is the one thing you need to have in mind all time – time. BSA isĀ  a productivity tool that should enable you to do more faster. But, I have used so many tools in my carrier that ended up as a failure that I am well aware of the danger of repeating that failure if you make the wrong choises or compromizes.

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