XPortHub3 – Draft

I use XPortHub1 a lot, but have not assembled XPortHub2 with Ethernet yet. What I would like is a XPortHub with radio and I am thinking of 5Km LoRa. With that I could use this as the master on my robots.

I also need a SPI Flash or something to store config. I can as an emergency store that in internal flash, but it’s a bit better with an external Flash.

I like to keep RPI as backbone, but I am not sure about the Watchdog version of DeviceBus.

I need 2 x CAN of which one must be on the backbone.

2 x RS485’s are always handy.

USB is basically mandatory.

The key think with this is that it act as  wireless hub. As for Ethernet, Wifi and Bluetooth I can always add a Raspberry PI.

I have not added to much on this yet, so lets see.

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