BSA – QML version – what happened?

The QML version of BSA is almost finished on Forms design, but I froze further development until I have tested WPF. I get things working in QML, and I am happy with what I see and experience on the screen. But, I am not happy with how much work it is to get simple things done. I needed to create a QML SDK to be able to generate code for QML, but for BSA itself I want to do the same with WPF before I make a choise on how to continue.

Doing this in WPF is not straight forward either, but one issue that keep kicking me is the complexity of maintaining a repository in C++, QML and JavaScript – it does cost a lot of hours. In WPF I will maintain the repository in C# only – that alone is a huge difference. As for Qt Creator – well it is better than it was, but it is not even close to Visual Studio sadly. The two key issues is Visual Designer that crash with advanced QML and a debugger that only work on a good day. These two account for a lot of hours lost.

At the end it comes down to a long term decition on what is the best toolkit for BSA!

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