New Motor Driver – DRV8353RS

I am currently using DRV8301 from TI and is very happy with that one, but I want to add a 3rd Current Sensor so I can detect sensor errors and my eyes fell on DRV8353 and DRV8323 series. DRV8323 is 60V, while DRV8353 is 100V. I don’t mind the increase in voltage. The numbering is a bit confusing at first, but I concluded on the following:

DRV8053S or DRV8353H have Current amplifiers, but lack Buck Converter.

DRV8053R have both current and buck.

DRV8353RH have Hardware Interface

DRV8353RS have SPI Interface

I will be using DRV8353RS (I think). The SPI opens for a bit more config options and use less pins that the Hardware version. Below is an anotated block diagram of the new driver.

23 external components (MOSFET’s excluded) and a smaller 7x7mm package will be interesting. I need to study this and find reference schematics before I start. Cost of this is ca 4ich USD.

This might be on Revision 1.4 of MC3P60V50A – which actually become MC3P100V… to be accurate.


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