Burning lamp

Working with electronics you accept that it is a small risk of fire and take pre-cautions. But are we really prepared for what can go wrong? The issue is that everything around us contains more electronics and things that can take fire these days. Yesterday my lamp bought on Clas Olson took fire. Nothing bad happened, but the light tube took fire and wrecked the lamp. Changing light tube nothing happens, so this lamp is wrecked. Pictures below:

Obviously the fire started in the light tube itself, burned some of the heat resistant plastic and heated up quite a bit. I have never seen this happen before.

I was in the livingroom as it happened and came back to a dead lamp – no drama, but if something else had caught fire my house would have burned down. I am stunned to see that it is something inside the light tube that caught fire – probably the start device – I don’t know the proper name, but these types of lamps have a small “starter” that in this case seems to be inside the light tube itself.

The lamp is very nice for electronics work because it has a magnifier in the middle, so I have to replace this – or should I just upgrade it to a led lamp?

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