Buck Converter working

Soldered up a new board just to realize that DRV8301 was bust as well, so replaced DRV8301 and Buck converter is actually working. I am getting 3.4V just enouth for SPX3819 to give 3.2 out and the MCU ticks at 168Mhz. Looking at datasheet I also see that I have done correctlt – EN_BUCK should be floating.

I suspect that I busted the MCU partly by giving it 15V on the ADC by mistake – who knows – I still have components to solder on, but it’s a good start on my 2nd board.

Had to scrap yet another MCU as well. I soldered a new MCU, but it did not tivk properly. This one is from a different batch, so I hope to be out of the bad batch scheme – I am buying these MCU’s from proper distributors next. Talking about MCU’s checking pricing through Arrow I realize that STM32H753Vx is not much more expensive that STM32F405RG – I think the V version with it’s 100 pins is a bit large for most of my projects thought. I am also a bit dissapointed over IDE support on H743 yet, but I get it working.

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