Assembled Thunderstick

The wires and caps are a bit tricky to get right. the cap should actually be the other way, but I need access to the SWD so had to bend it over the MOSFET’s. This mounting is not ideal, but it is working. It is a 2000uF 63V Electrolyte that is mounted. The only thing I actually miss now is a TVS to support the capacitor, but this will have to do since we only will play with 12/24V anyway. I have not mounted the 3mm power wires on the board for now, but the rest is mounted. The first objective to evaluate the mechanical solution have gone well – I would like to consider a few options, but I am quite happy so far. The idea is that this motor driver is more or less an extension of the wire/structur holding the actual motor.

Mounting the heat-sink got a bit greecy since I added termal greace this time. It just have to dry up and I can use a knife to cut of edges and we can get going.


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