NB-IoT Hat rev 1.1

Just a minor upgrade of my NB-IoT Hat Cleaned up ground plane, remove one UART, added new SWD and resistors on SPI1. I have still not have time to assemble test the previous one, so will do that as soon as I get a SIM card.

This Hat is cool because NB-IoT means you buy a SIM card with close to no monthly cost and send data from anywhere you can connect. NB-IoT is gaining momentum in Norway, so I am on my way to get a SIM card.

  1. CAN Traceiver
  2. UART for com with SIM7020
  3. SIM card
  4. SIM7020E
  5. USB for SIM7020E
  6. Antenna
  7. Leds
  8. MCU USB
  9. Led
  10. External Power input
  11. PSU
  12. SuperCap to assist on send peaks
  13. SWD
  14. MCU
  15. RPI Bus w/SPI



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