3KW 3-Phase Motor Controller Rev 1.2

It’s been a while since I designed this 3KW 3-Phase Motor Controller without doing anything with it so I decided to give it an upgrade. The size of this is 100x25mm. It is very smal for it’s capacity and Perfect for larger drones.

  • Removed 3rd current sensor.
  • Remove the output holes at right and take the output directly from between the MOSFET’s.
  • Added 2 temperature sensor.
  • Modify power input so one wire comes at top and one at bottom. This enables me to easier mount the capacitor directly on the wires.
  • Strengthen power paths to support 50A++. The MOSFET is capable of 160A and 400A phase currents, so it is all about heat dissipation and current paths.
  • Removed some electronic filters replacing them with SW.

This design is very different to the 4 channel version due to it’s DRV8301 that contains DC/DC, Gate Drivers and current amplifiers. From a functional perspective it is less capable, but it is also much smaller size.

It is also perfect for running the outrunner above. I really liked this motor (power, size, cost), so I might buy a few more to create a drone.

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