32 x IO Hat

This is the last version of the 32 x IO Hat. I just modified it to use the faster SPI towards RPI bus. The Power connector on the right side is for Servo’s. It enables a different voltage than 3.3V supplied from a separate PSU Hat. The jumper need to be set for 3.3V to be connected to IO. Every line has TVS protection, so this is a decently safe board.

This board basically export 32 pins with TVS protection and add V+ and GND making it ideal for Servo, Sensors or just a plain GPIO Hat.

  • 22 Timer based PWM channels
  • 32 SW driven PWM channels
  • 15 analogue input channels
  • 2 analogue output channels
  • 32 GPIO of which 17 is 5V tolerant.
  • UART/CAN/SPI/I2C ports
  • High speed SPI backbone network
  • CAN Network
  • USB
  • SWD

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