3-Phase/Stepper/RPM Hat

This Hat was actually a challenge to route, but I managed it at the 4th attempt. I am quite happy with the result as well.

  • Raspberry PI Hat Format
  • STM32F405RG MCU, 32bit ARM M4, 168Mhz, 1Mb Flash, 196Kb SRAM.
  • 42Mbps backbone network. ca 30Mbps With Raspberry PI.
  • CAN Network
  • USB
  • Separate PSU for PWM
  • 12 x separate PWM signals, ca 1A each.
  • 3 x Stepper Motors 2,5A
  • 4 x 3-Phase Motors 2.5A
  • 6 x DC Motors.
  • 24V design capable to support 48V with some cap/diode changes.
  • 24 connector terminal block with 12 signals and 12 ground connections.
  • 12 separate current sensors.
  • 12 separate Half H-Bridges allowing a very flexible usage.
  • Based on DRV8313 3 x Half H-Bridge Driver.

I have many designs, but the flexibility of this one is in a category of itself.

  • Gimball controller
  • CNC/3D Printer controller
  • Running DC Motors/PWM signal up to 10A by combining ports.

I must also admit that it feels good to be finish with this after so many failures on routing this very design. I have done many weighted compromises here, so I will need the MCU on this one, but it will be fun!

My motivation to do this one is that it is a key component in a very special control system where it is possible to actually earn some money. But, well – I can’t tell every secret in here 🙂

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