HMI TFT Candidates

This first TFT cost ca 3.- USD and is 0.96″ with 80×160 pixels, 64K colors and what seems like a Half Duplex SPI. What I am looking for in displays are high quality displays with bare-bone adapters only adding connector, PSU and mounting screws. This is the smallest candidate and will be a bit challenging as I can’t hide a Hat behind it. One rule is that the HMI solution can’t extend the panel size, so I need a cable option between this and the GPU board. The entire board is only 24x30mm so this is small.

This is the same display without the bare-bone adapter. One option is that I grab this and add this on the back of my own adapter with GPU, but I have so far avoided this type of connectors. The price difference is marginal. I will look into it.

This cost around 4.- USD and is 1.3″ with a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

I face the same option to either use the adapter or bare TFT on this one. The adapters are however so well done and makes my life so much easier that

The next is this 4″ display with 800×480 pixel resolution as I mentioned before. This uses a OTM8009A controller that is supported in STM32 and several variants exist for ca 20ich USD. They offer SPI or parallel Interface.

I seriously want a 7″ display with minimum 1024×600 pixels, but I have not found anything that that match my criteria yet. I have a 800×480 display for ca 40ich USD, but I expect more 1024×600 displays to pop up soon.

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