Micro PLC – New format

These are just drawings of my new Micro PLC formats. I am considering 20x50mm, 30x50mm and 50x50mm formats. This discussion started as I received my previous PLC bus design and realized the actual size of it. The reality is that I need things much, much smaller and having a big backbone bus is very expensive.

As I accidentally made some 20×50 boards and by pure accident stacked them together I also make the observation that it would be easy to actually use that format as I can fit a stack almost everywhere, But, ok – 20×50 is a bit tight, so maybe 30×50, 40×50 or 50×50? Or maybe all of them as per need?

The way I want to stack them is with a bus cable and connectors. This way I can create a stack or simply mount them Distributed.

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