PLC Assembled – 1st test

Been a lot of motor controllers lately so I finally decided to assemble part of my PLC system. What you see here is the motherboard with a simple RS-X module connected. Not all components are assembled yet, but processor is alive. This board have 3 x fully galvanic isolated RS485 circuits and a 2 x 10Mbps backbone. It was selected because it’s a good, simple starting point for SW development.

The STM32F405RG is excellent for Plain. With it’s 1Mb Flash and 196Kb SRAM it is an excellent test bench. I need to make a similar module for CAN, but that can wait.

I must admit it is a bit of nostalgia to work with something that looks like one of the computers I assembled in the 80ts.

I only ordered one module because I want to play with the mechanical design a bit before I start adding modules. I notice far more issues with a physical module than with a 3D module.

The MCU is currently ticking on 8Mhz using the internal RC, so it will be interesting to see if I got this right and are able to tick the MCU at 168Mhz with 3 x 180Mhz DC/DC converters on the same module.

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