Monster ESC 120V -500A

This ESC support 120V and 500A which basically is a 60KW Motor Driver costing ca 500.- USD. I see motors delivering 80KW for 1000.- USD. You can probably find larger than this as well. Some of the ESC’s even have water cooled heat sink to get size down. 100 x 200 x 30mm seems to be a common size area for these monster controllers. Boat versions with water cooling can be smaller.

I would like to dissect some of these, but I think I have given the answer to how this can be achieved in my last article. The main challenge here is however the cost of those motors. I can build a controller, but a motor costing 1000.- USD is out of my reach.

I would also add that for a boat or car you can just stop, but for an airplane or drone of some size you would need backup redundancy for failure situations.

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