Miniature 60V to 3.3V DC/DC

I found 2 series of DC/DC converters that can handle 60-75V from TI that also is available from AliExpress showing that they have some popularity. These all cost around 1.2 USD from my sources and are decently small.

These converters consist of a chip with build in MOSFET’s and PWM generator so you basically add the inductive filter and a bit of external components to adjust values. I will end up with 12+/- components on each design. Current limit range from 0.5 to 3.5A on what seems to be pin compatible devices.

Focusing on TPS54060 for now that deliver 0.5A and comes in a very small MSOP-10 package with a Pad on the bottom. I know that some of the 1206 package inductors are rated to ca 200mA and I use one of these on the DRV10983 with success. I was thinking of replacing the AMS1117 on the DRV8313 with this design and minimize size on everything. 200mA is a lot where space does matters due to total size.

60V is quite attractive for BLDC controllers as it makes it very safe to operate 48V. For an actual 60V system I would use the 75V LM5575.

Adding to this I also found a dead cheap linear SO-23 Regulator 16V to 3.3V/500mA (SPX9918). This comes in both 5V and 3.3V versions making it easy to operate with 12V, 5V and 3.3V. I will need 12V for Gate Drivers, but I might also need 5V for some chips.

What I still lack is a low cost/small space isolation DC/DC for 12,5 & 3.3V.

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