3 Phase Motor Controller w/Hall Sensors

This is an old Project some of you will remember. I use DRV10983 from TI to provide a micro 3P Motor Controller. The MCU is STM32F030F4 that also is pin compatible With STM32F042F6. The smaller F030 provide 16K Flash while F042 provide 32Kb Flash.

I added a RS-X for Connectivity and Hall Sensors. The entire PCB is 5cm x 15mm. A bit larger than rev 1.0, but I have all Components on the same side + added a 1A coil.

The only difference between this and the earlier is the PCB layout and the selection of a larger coil. The Controller “worked”, but I only tested SPEED pin with limited success. So I need to solder up a new version and make a new test before I continue with this. Notice that 1.27 pitch cable headers are all 2.54 Pitch to deal with some of the challenges I had.

I am considering to dropping the PSU which is AMS1117. The DRV10983 do have a 100mA 3.3V PSU included that might be sufficient. It will drive the MCU, but I am not sure about the RS485.


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