The long walk with HMI Designer

Working with software is often long hours with invisible progress. In this case I worked on the Edit Control. I actually tried to use a standard Windows one, but decided to make my own from scratch. In effect it is only a few things I use from Qt including their interface to OpenGL.

Edit Control – that can’t be much work right? Actually it wasn’t, but it forced some design changes to get it the way I want it. The picture above show inline editing with no borders.

Having coded C++ for years before learning C# and Java I actually want to implement some of the C#/Java techniques in C++. This is about making things simpler and more efficient to code.

One of the issues is Reflection. In C# you can assign an object to the property editor and edit it’s properties. Doing the same in C++ is much simpler than people think – you simply add a linked list declaring your member variables and voila – you can edit, save xml, read xml with a few simple commands.

Another issue is Events. I often need to call a parent class from a sub-class. Again if the sub class simply have a mapping table that I can set from the parent …

These techniques do however dig into the memory and dynamic side of C++. But, it leaves me with what I want – a HMI without C# or Java around to slow it down.

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