ESP32 Breakout

  Not that many days since I ordered this, so was happy to see it. Caused me to work to 04:00 this morning and voila – Arduino IDE is running smooth. I am not sure I want to continue using Arduino IDE, but was nice to see that it works with ESP32 even if they still have things left.

To code a few lines and suddenly be on Wifi – cool! I also know that my 2 designs are in mail – exiting.

The power of Arduino is that you plug in the chip, start Arduino IDE, write a few lines and woops – it works. I will give many arguments for not using Arduino on more complex systems, but it is great for prototyping.

As for the Model Train Controller and Model Train Utility Driver I will support Arduino on them. My own model train plans are limited to a track around next years x-mas tree, but I think it’s a huge number of hobbyists out there that would benefit from these designs and enjoy a bit of coding themselves.

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