STM32F405RG Breakout at 168Mhz

My new Rx Breakout ticking at 168Mhz using HSI/PLL – I will mount x-tal and 5V next.

I got myself a bit worried because the LED on PC13 did not work, so connected a scope and tested on PC0 blinking that works well. I tried the same on my Communication Adapter, but failed above 128Mhz, so decided to try my Rx Breakout with MCU from a different source and this works perfectly. I will test the communication adapter with a New MCU later. I suspect I have yet another dodgy M4 batch. I think I need to track my sources on MCU’s so I re-order samples from good sources.

My Rigol Oscilloscope showing blinking on PC0. PC13 did not work at 16Mhz either so I suspect that it is setting because the pin is RTC Tamper – will find out. Clock setting from CubeMX below:

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