Plain – Keywords

Keywords used so far

Assign Assign operation.
Bit 1 bit data type.
Byte 8 bit data type
Call Call to a function.
Commit Commit parts of a transaction
Connect System Diagram – connect modules.
Decode Decode a bit field.
Domain Encode a bit field.
Else Default group in an if statement
Elsif Alternative selection in an if statement
Encode Encode a bit field
End End a compound statement
Exit Exit module
For For loop
If If statement
Int16 16 bit signed integer
Int32 32 bit signed integer
Interface Specify interface component in a module
Module Specify a module
Nop No Operation.
Object Define an object.
Owner Specify owner of a data domain.
Raise Raise an event.
Real32 32 bit floating point.
Rollback Reverse changes in a transaction.
String Text string variable
Switch Switch statement.
System Define a System diagram
Transaction Start a transaction.
Uint16 16 bit unsigned integer.
Uint32 32 bit unsigned integer
Update Complete a transaction block.
Use Use module.
While While loop
Wire Wire modules in system diagram.

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