Raspberry PI Hat’s

I have so far designed 3 Hat’s that I have produced, and a few others in draft versions. Looking at my older picktures I seem to have uploaded 3D models, but not so many Pictures of the actual Boards – probably lost some Pictures on the old blog – I will fix that.

This is just a summary.

32 x Servo/IO

16 x Servo/IO in stacked position

STM32F105RB or STM32F103RB

Raspberry PI 2/3 + Zero

I also planned a GPIO Hat, but froze the plan because this is capable of being used for that purpose.

The 3D model is the updated Version that I have not ordered yet. The difference is mechanical changes and added protection Logic.

8 x Dc Motor + 8 x IO (end stop)

STM32F105RB or STM32F103RB

Raspberry PI 2/3 + Zero

I received the PCB’s some time ago, but have not assembled it yet. Think I finally have received all parts.



5 port Com Hat

3 x RS485

2 x CAN HS

STM32F105RB only

I have uploaded Pictures of this hat assembled, but they are on the old blog system. Build two Versions of this Board and need to do a revision due to minor mechanical issues.

I have shown 3D models of other Hat’s that still are work in progress – including some for Zero. I initially froze the Zero Hat’s because my full size Hat’s can also be used for Zero. With the new Zero W it actually is more attractive to use Zero for Wifi connection, so I might update some of my old Zero designs.

I have loads of design ideas I would like to work on, but I am a bit short of time.

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