VM – Object Index

The new Object Descriptor. Notice that we now offset data rather than indexing into an array.

This illustration show how a Assign would look like with a 32 bit Object Descriptor. We don’t need a descriptor on TIX since the type will follow math rules. The fields marked yellow are those who expand from 16 bit to 32 bit. Testing a few instructions we can expect a 50% increase in instruction size if we go down this path.

This last illustration shows how Object Descriptors link into a Module SRAM Buffer that is part of a VM SRAM Buffer.

Looking at a 100 line Plain Assembly program we can estimate that we grow from 800 byte to 1200 byte if we extend the instructions with Object Descriptors. Using a 16 bit index and an additional lookup table will save ca 280 bytes, but I will only use this if Module size becomes a major issue.

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