VM – Updated Design Draft

This is an updated illustration of the VM Core. I will not describe it in detail right now because I am in the progress of making proper documentation that will be available.

This is the new 16 bit instruction format. I did use a more generic 32 bit instruction set earlier, but concluded that a specific 16 bit was better. Op-Code is reduced to 6 bits and Length is extended to 6 bits. As Length describe additional 16 bit entries it means an instruction can be up to 64 x 16 bit. Only the first 16 bit is mandatory for all instructions.

I have also added a 32 bit Data Descriptor. This contains a 8 bit data type, 8 bit byte length of data and a 16 bit register index to start of data. This is used on Call/Raise instructions as well as on stack entries. The later means I will not push data itself on a the stack – only Data Descriptors. This have some consequences for what happen with parameters on Call/Raise that we need to discuss later.

The 32 bit Data Descriptor is in effect a safe pointer for data. As always – this is work in progress – nothing is written in stone as this needs to be adjusted as I wrap up the VM.

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