Soldering 1.27 pitch


This is a 1.27 pitch cable soldered directly to my PWM driver. It was easier to do than I first feared with a few tricks. But, I am a bit concerned that my soldering skills are far above average for a hobbyist. This takes a bit of training to get right. I have this issue on this and the 3 phase motor driver.

I am not sure what I want to do in this case. Connectors in this size tend to be expensive. One  option in this case is to add a 1.27 pitch cable connector like the one I needed to connect to the motor below, but this add’s around 2.- USD to the cost. Another alternative for the PWM driver (above) is to use 2.54 pitch. This is twice as wide, but connectors are “free”.


As for the red 3-phase motor driver I am still waiting on a batch of DRV10983 to arrive. Customs are mucking around again, but I have ordered them twice to be sure now. I get components low cost from Asia, but posting is up to 6 weeks and sometimes Norwegian Customs delay things or create a fuzz. The alternative is to order from Norwegian distributors adding a 10x to the cost on sample volumes – my wallet don’t agree with the later option 🙂

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