W5500 breakout


This is the breakout board version of W5500 available for 10.- USD on AliExpress. I have a few of the more expensive ones for W5200 bought from Wiznet.¬†Using breakout’s like this simplifies the prototyping if you assemble by hand. I also notice that Wiznet support examples for STM32F103 using CoIDE these days.


This Picture show the actual PCB With W5500. Notice the small 0201 Components. The 0805’s look massive in comparison. Usually I can use less Space adding the Electronics directly, but this is an exception. The cost of W5500 and Components are ca 3-4 USD, so 10 USD could be an acceptable trade to make it simpler.

They Reference the Board as “USR-ES1” and looking at Pictures I see a different PCB (see bottom Picture), but I assume the pinout is the same? It exposes SPI, Reset and INT, but it does not expose the PMODE pins.

w5500 breakout pinout

w5500 brk2

This last Picture is from a different Product also marked as USR-ES1. This actually looks like it has been hand-made and not so Nice as the first one.

Lack of PMODE means that the module is wired for auto-negotiation. This can be an issue in robotics because we often have long cables and connectors of various quality. The result can be a 100Mbps that is unstable, so we need a way to force it to 10Mbps to make it stable.

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