BSA – Next Steps

BSA is a huge task so it is important to keep focus to get something that we can start using soon even on beta level. I have done most of links which is the more complex part of the drawing engine. What is remaining is manual link movements. In this first version I will only allow moving end-points. Selecting a link you should get select markers at end-points and be able to drag them anywhere you want. As long as you drag them inside the symbol your link will stay connected, if you drag it outside the symbol your link get deleted, if you drag it to a different symbol your link get re-connected to that symbol etc.

For now I will avoid letting the user fiddle with the rest of the line. I will add that later. The Line Calculator is quite good and a reproduction of work I did 26 years ago. As I mentioned earlier – automation is key here – avoid that the user have to fiddle with lines.

Once lines are done I need to attend to the property editor, saving/loading diagrams and finishing first level of GUI components before I finally can start generating code towards my first target platforms.

This first version will be able to select pre-defined signals and connect them to objects on the screen, but it will not be able to do much processing on the signals before I get the other diagrams up running later. I initially hoped to have a prototype available around now, but the issue is that I am not allowed to work as much on this as I want to + tbh some of the logic and work is rather complex to get the way I want them. That said, links are the most complex part to get right.

Stay tuned, this will be an interesting summer/authumn!


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