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The table below shows the current list of tools in HMI Designer part of BSA. It is few common tools like lines, notes etc not listed here, but this is the basic collection. I might add a few tools as I see the need, but this will more or less be version 1.0. A main milestone is to be able to auto-generate dialogs I will use in BSA, so basically the first version of BSA will be used to generate parts of the next version. This is needed due to the amount of work with these dialogs, but it is also an important milestone and proof of concept. The next step will be to add gauges and more HMI controls in hundreds – or more exactly – the current list is build-in tools while I will open for add-in tools later.

HMI Form Stand-alone dialog/window.
HMI Panel Panel – square used for colors, borders or collections of components.
HMI Label Text label.
HMI String Edit String edit field
HMI Number Edit Number edit field
HMI Button Simple Button
HMI CheckBox CheckBox
HMI ComboBox ComboBox
HMI TextBox Multi.line text edit box.
HMI Group Group border used to group components visually.
HMI HScrollBar Horizontal scrollbar
HMI VScrollBar Vertical scrollbar
HMI Image Image.
HMI Menu Menu bar at top.
HMI MenuItem Single menu item or pop-up menu
HMI StatusBar Status bar at bottom of form.
HMI ToolBar Toolbar used to create tool banner at top. Can hold other components.
HMI ToolButton Button with Image.
HMI TabBar Tab Bar
HMI TabPage Tab page. Similar to panel, but invisible until selected in a Tab Bar.
HMI ListBox List Box
HMI TreeGrid Tree Grid.
HMI Property Editor Property Editor
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