FlashForge Finder 2 Review

This costed me ca 400.- USD on a local shop, so I decided to try it out.

The first thing is the visual look. FlashForge Finder 2 looks like a furniture and can easily be placed in a living room or office.

One negative issue is the manual – it’s a bit short and it took a bit try and fail before I managed to remove all transport protections, after that it was only a few bottons and I was on my way to print my first test object.

Before you print anything you need to level the print bed. This was my first surprice as I realized that the printed had a level sensor and can direct the place leveling as well as deal with possible tilting or inaccuracy.

The second was loading the cartridge at the end and threading the needle – very straight forward.

As the printer start all I can say is that it is not exactly quiet – it also print very thin thread and is very slow compared to my first printer. But, wow – I do see the difference in quality on what comes out.

My biggest surprice was the Wifi connectivity and internal 18Gb storage meaning the printer can store what you print received from the network.


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