MC4X15A – Heatsink


Funny how things work out some times. I initially planned for this to be a more narrow board, but had to extend the height to 40mm due to MCU and connectors. This left space unused on top and bottom of the driver making it easy to add mounting holes for an adapter and now a extra set for a 40 x 28mm heat-sink on the back. The red diodes in the middle is taller than the HEXFET’s, so one option might be to mount a space filler and use a larger heatsink with the same size as the PCB.

I want to add a SPI Flash and evaluate options to add a Ethernet before I actually order these boards. As for BEMF I want to add some 100nF Ceramic capacitors to help on spiking, but other than that we should be good.

I also realize that the two resistors mounted on left bottom need to be moved a bit up in case I want to mount the temperature connector bended inwards. At least one of them must go to the HEXFET’s. I have added two temperature sensors to have some flexibility in case I am running two DC motors or want a temp sensor on the motor as well.

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