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This shows BSA Table editors in use -I need to use them a little myself to verify if they are ok – I admit it is a bit confusing to have description in the table and then have to edit it as a property. But, the mini tekst editor is actually great. DataType is only a tekst string – you can write anything you want – same with name. I don’t think I want any automation restricting you here, but I will need a BSA Compiler that check rules – etc if names are unique and if DataType is known.

This leads me to a more complex editor – the one I need for assign statements, Parameters, Relations etc – I have decided to start with an easy concept of an editor where you write small snippets of logic with the dame concept – you write whatever you want and the compiler verifies the content. I can always consider more automated concepts later, but I think it would be an error to rule out text editors.

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