ST Firmware Quality Sucks

Well – I got a STM32H743 Nucleo kit yesterday and wanted to autogenerate code for it from CubeMX (or STCubeIDE more exctly) – out of the box – it generates code that DOES NOT COMPILE on an eval kit. Sadly this is not the first time, it has become more the rule than the exception.

STMicroelectronics really need to get their Software R&D and QA manager in order if they have some. CubeMX is a good idea and concept, but the software that is generated is not guaranteed to work. Sometimes it is their new drivers and this happens far to often – this time I am puzzled as I need to dig into why I get the Message below.

The error above is from STCubeIDE where this code was generated – and as I said – this is on their evaluation kit!

My first thought is that i maybe should stick with STM32F407Vx – H753 is far more powerfully, but it usually takes about “10 years” for ST to get their FW drivers and support in shape. I seriously think they should sack some of their SW/QA managers because this is not acceptable and very bad for ST business.

I will get this working, but a more rational reason for considering STM32F407V is because it is identical to STM32F405RG with exception for the 100 pin package and added Ethernet. This is why I evaluate STM32H743 and H753. H7 are still a bit new and expensive unless you buy 10,000 units from ST – in which case you get it for < 9.- USD.

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