Rock PI 4 b

I accidentally came across “Rock PI 4 b” and first believed it was about Raspberry PI 4 as I realized this is a board based on Rockchip RK3399. It is very similar to Raspberry PI 4, but contain some very interesting differences. Of most interest for me is that the form factor and GPIO pin layout is compatible, meaning I can use my Hat’s on this directly. Lets outline some of the differences.


Rock PI 4 b Rasberry PI 4 b
CPU RK3399 BCM2711
Cores 6 Cores

2 x A72 @ 1.8Ghz

4 x A53 @ 1.4Ghz

4 Cores

4 x A72 @1.5 Ghz


GPU Mali T860;P4 VideoCore VI 3D

500Mhz 32 bit

RAM 2,4Gb 1,2,4 or 4Gb
Micro-SD Yes (128GB) Yes
USB 2 x USB3

2 x USB2

2 x USB3

2 x USB2

USB OTG Switch Yes No
RTC Yes No
eMMC Socket Yes up to 128GB No
PCIE M.2 socket Yes Support up to 2TB SSD No
Ethernet Gigabit Gigabit
Wifi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Sound ? 4-pole stereo
Camera Port Yes Yes
Display Port Yes Yes
HDMI 1 x Standard HDMI 2 x micro-HDMI

2 x 4Kp60

GPIO 40 pin RPI standard 40 pin RPI standard
PoE Possible Possible
Price 67$  (4Gb) 55$ (4Gb)

The eMMC interest me as it allows me to boot from Flash making this an interesting option for more commercial solutions. Other than that I must admit that 2 x HDMI etc only is of interest if you replace your desktop PC.


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