3-Phase 50A Modifications

I want to attempt a few changes on this 3-phase controller.

  • Remove the 3rd current sensor marked in red at top.
  • Remove the output holes at right and take the output directly from between the MOSFET’s.
  • Add at least 1 temperature sensor. I can use more space between MOSFET channels and maybe squeeze in the temperature sensors here. I would prefer two, but one is ok.
  • Modify power input so one wire comes at top and one at bottom. This enables me to easier mount the capacitor directly on the wires.
  • Strengthen power paths to support 50A++. The MOSFET is capable of 160A and 400A phase currents, so it is all about heat dissipation and current paths.

I have no experience with these MOSFET’s, I still lack experience with the temp sensors, current sensors and 2-3mm wires etc – so it will take a while experimenting on the 4 channel before I am ready to move on this smaller and more specialized design.

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