Upgraded LoRa Options

I finished the LoRa + GPS w/E22-900M30S earlier today and decided to add in E22-900M22S footprint. The modules are almost identical except in size. The only difference is that 30S have pin 10 to 3.3V while 22S have this to ground, so it is straight forward to have both footprints on the PCB.

The 3D model show the 22S module and illustrate well the size difference to the stronger 30S module. This enables 4 LoRa units:

  • E22-400M30S, 433Mhz, 1W, 12km range
  • E22-900M30S, 868Mhz, 1W, 12km range
  • E22-400M22S, 433Mhz, 0.1W, 6.5km range
  • E22-900M22S, 868Mhz, 0.1W, 6.5km range

All modules have an IPX antenna on the module, so I use a PCB antenna with wire to the IPX. This provides a PCB antenna option, but I can also use the IPX directly for more options.

As for the range listed above – this is datasheet numbers. It will be line of sight mostly and I expect somewhere between 2-6.5km for 22S. As for the stronger maybe 5-12km. I say this because E22 modules give very optimistic range data, but we will see.

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