BLDC Mini Controllers

As I wrote earlier my mini BLDC Controller who support 28V and 2A is basically to powerfully for the job. The motor I Control uses ca 250mA on 12V etc. I used DRV10983 for the job, but I also designed a far more advanced BLDC Controller with DRV8313 earlier. That ended up “larger” as it was 50 x 22 millimeters. But, it also contained current sensors, BEMF sensors. hall sensors With leds and STM32F105.

DRV8313 support 60V/2A, so it’s no wimp and it is basically 3 x Half Bridge drivers allowing you to drive the motors with Your own Logic – FOC etc. This draft have CAN for a change.

The reason I abandoned this was because of DRV10983 that allowed me to downsize, but I also realized that I needed changes on this. I would like to test DRV8313 and I bought a bunch of them, so I will see if I can find time to re-design this one.

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