3D Printer – Prusa i3 MK3 w/MMU

Josef Prusa recently launched 2 3D Printer upgrades that are worth noticing. One is the MK3 and the second is the new MMU Upgrade for the MK3. The total price of these will be something like 900.- EUR. I have copied pictures of them below:

MK3 implement new technologies that are very interesting comparing with what I have on my MK1 clone. The most noteable is the new print plates and the new controller board that uses the TCM2130, a Ramp with SPI allowing current (torque) sensing. This allows the printer to sence end stops.

Multy Material Upgrade with 5 different, or 4 different and dissolvable support material is also very nice.

The most important changes compared to my old printer is however the Marlin firmware and Slice3 slicer upgrades available in open source. That said, I must admit I consider saving up for the MK3 with a MMU. Videos demonstrating this is very convincing.

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