MicroPLC Backbone 3D

The latest version of the backbone bus. It is only 10cm long and with max 8 boards. Connectors are 2 x RSX, 5V PSU, and Actuator PSU’s. On the right side is jumpers and resistors for RS-485 terminator and bias.

The backbone’s can be connected in many ways simply by connecting RSX1 to RSX1 and mount the boards in any way you want. They can easily scale up from a single card to a large multiple backbone system. 32 devices can easily be directly connected, but using an active RSX switch you can scale much higher.

I think I have reached a point where I want to order PCB’s and get going. In this case I want to start with the Backbone, CCM and 3xRSX modules. I need to modify the SWD on the Servo Module + the main purpose with the Servo was actually to test the design. The Servo module have doen it’s job as it forced an important change on the backbone.

I also need to start on the 3D for the fittings and see if I can manage to print those with a 3D printer.

The RSX connectors on the backbone are high speed designed for very short range, but we can also interconnect using 3xRSX modules. I do however still need the RSX Switch with power for sensors, so I will push 2 more modules.

  • The active RSX switch.
  • An upgrade of my preious RSX Sensor (Temperature, humidity, light, distance).

I actually have a few RSX devices in rev 1 that need an update so we can start making a system consisting of sensors and actuators. One step at the time.

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