STM32F405RG Breakout

Finally updated Revision 1.2 of the Rx breakout board.

  • Minor correction ca 0.5 mm on width.
  • Correct GND/3.3V tag swap.
  • Added a User Led
  • Added a jumper for the user led. This is connected on the PCB, but you can disconnect the Led and add a jumper if you want the led on a different pin.
  • Added a Gnd connector for Oscilloscope.
  • Replaced the Ceramic Murata crystal with a hole through HC49 crystal. The Murata is nice, but the hole through is easier to remove for RC crystal apps or other frequencies.
  • Added X1 and X2 – VCAP capacitors to support STM32F4 – these must be replaced woth 0Ohm for F1.
  • Added a pull-up on NRST.

This board should be possible to use as breakout for a large range of STM32FxxxRx boards including STM32F103, STM32F105, STM32F107 and STM32F405. I need to check datasheets on other LQPF64 MCU’s from ST.

According to the datasheet this should also work for STM32F205Rx MCU’s. I have no plans to verify this at present. Myself I only use F105 and F405 With an option to use F107 since it provide Ethernet in LQFP64 package.

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