DRV10983 Motor Driver

I tend to end up with ST on MCU and TI on motor drivers. This is accidental as I always look for what is out there at a reasonable price and availability. I started with DRV8313, but abandoned it because the PCB ended up to complex for a 1A controller. Looking for a simpler concept I found DRV10983. It has a simple digital/analogue interface to tick a motor. But, it also provides an I2C interface allowing access to the more complex parts of a motor controller.

I like this chip because it is small, deliver 2,5A on 8-28V and allow 2,5A to be easily routed on a PCB. Looking at its datasheet and digging into the I2C interface I must admit that this chip impress me. This is an abstract from the datasheet:

  • 3 Phase sinusoidal algorithm.
  • 8-28V input
  • 2.5A continuous, 3A peak.
  • Build in Hexfet’s
  • Separate 5V or 3.3V PSU (100mA)
  • Single current sensor possible
  • BEMF sensing build in
  • Analogue, Digital or I2C interface
  • Build in EEPROM
  • Current monitoring/protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Voltage monitoring/protection
  • Lock protection if motor stops
  • Speed control on analogue, PWM or I2C
  • Sleep/Standby support for low power
  • Start/Stop ramp-up/ramp down
  • Acceleration control
  • Brake function
  • Anti Voltage Surge (AVS) protection
  • Diagnostics
  • TSSOP24 package With heatpads
  • And much more …

The funny thing is that I wanted a simpler motor controller to get size down and was willing to sacrifice these things since they have limited effect on such small motors.

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