RS-X Network


This is a simple, passive switch anyone can wire on a vero-board. It just connect 8 ports in parrallell.  “GBA+” is easy to remember and means Ground, B(-), A(+) and Power. You use one port as input and 7 as output in a classic star network.

 The only thing you need in addition are 120 Ohm terminators at the optional place. I introduced 120 Ohm terminators on every module, but I either need to not mount them or add a jumper. The same goes for this circuit as it need a 120Ohm resistor with a jumper.


The illustration above shows a classic star wiring using these switches. In reality you can cover quite some distance with only passive switches like this. I am not worried about short distances like 10-15 meters, but as the network gets longer we need to take more care.

 Needless to say, this is 50 x 12mm in size and you can use the switch as a cable extender or T point as well. The mounting holes are M2.

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